Virtual reality technology was only available to selected gamers until recently. Today, any PC user can buy a headset or glasses to be in the virtual game world. Many release manufacturers have a wide range of models that have different characteristics and cost too. This is why many users are curious about which virtual reality headset is the best. In this article, you will describe the main factors in the process of choosing such a headset.

General features

The spectacles of virtual reality is the most profitable option. You can buy this device for $ 80 or less. Typically, such devices interact with a smartphone. Such models have a minimum set of features. Virtual reality headsets are much more functional even in the medium price range. They are characterized by a wider configuration. The best virtual headset is what you can find both in this range and among premium models. The cost of such equipment starts from $ 800. There are most popular models from some manufacturers, such as HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

You should pay attention to several factors when you choose a virtual reality headset:

  • compatibility with smartphone, PC or game console;
  • ergonomic design;
  • interface;
  • image options;
  • viewing angle;
  • package.

List of virtual headsets

There are many headsets from different brands.

HTC Vive

This is a VR headset from a famous brand that was released in 2016. It has a AMOLED display for which the quality picture is characteristic. This virtual reality device is compatible with almost any software. Among the features of this model, there is the presence of laser head position sensors. There are also many games for this device, and its cost is at least $950.

HTC Vive

Valve Index

Valve Index is one of the best virtual reality headsets ever. Such a device is equipped with two displays with high resolution. Among its strengths is fast display response and high frame rate. There are also special lenses in the headset headset that increase the viewing angle and ease of use of this device. You will probably have to use some additional items with this headset, such as a controller and base stations. All this will increase the cost of your gaming set.

Pimax 8K X

This is a great option when choosing a virtual reality headset. That is kind of a luxury device that costs at least 3.200 dollars. One way or another, users will get the maximum feeling of immersion in a fictional reality. This headset includes two 4K displays and has a high level of ergonomics. Its viewing angle is 200 degrees. There are more than 2.000 apps and games for this headset. This is a great option for those users who don’t care about money and want to get the highest quality gaming ever.

Oculus Go

Oculus Go is the best virtual reality headset among budget models that can work separately and without connection with computers or smartphones. Its viewing angle is 100 degrees, and it costs about $320. Also, the headset has a wide set of functions. However, it also has one weakness, such as a small amount of battery charge, which lasts a maximum of a couple of hours of gaming.

Many VR headset release manufacturers today. We advise you to pay attention to their technical parameters, your personal preferences and money. Thus regular devices have not much functionality, while expensive virtual reality headsets include the latest technology. However, all of them will give you a pleasant experience when you find yourself in the virtual world of your favorite video games. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase and will be pleased with your headset for a long time.