Bringing the human connection back to communication & strengthening relationships around the world.

One of a kind PPE wear providing the respiratory droplet control of a mask with the visibility of a face shield.

The Humanity Shield is a unique patent pending design and technology owned by Rapid Response PPE, LLC in Juneau, Alaska, USA integrating a respiratory droplet control barrier.
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I have to fly to medical appointments; now that I have a Humanity Shield I finally feel safe on the plane. THANK YOU!

Your shield is a game changer.

This shield is a masterpiece that will help us evolve and adapt to the world that we live in today.

People can see actually see my smiling face in these stressful times. So amazing!

This is so much more comfortable than any of the masks I’ve worn. I can’t thank you enough for this product.

My mom is hard of hearing and it’s been very difficult and frustrating for her to communicate. This shield opened her world back up!

I can finally breath and you can see my expressions again. Time to break out the lipstick!

This is the only shield that isn’t open on the sides or bottom – it’s truly a game-changer.

These rock!

Interpreter Colleague/Friends: FINALLY! The Humanity Mask is available. The quality is amazing! The biggest problem with the small face masks with a window is fogging and condensation, not to mention eyeglasses fogging up and inhaling every steamy exhale. Because of the volume of space inside the Humanity Mask, this is not an issue. You can breathe easily and stay cool. Moreover, deaf consumers can see facial expressions!

These are so brilliant and perfect! I can’t wear the masks against my face and had been wearing welding shields. I’m finally safe with my Humanity Shield!

I finally feel safe sending my kids back to school with these. They’re so comfortable!

I love this. I live day to day without people knowing that I’m hearing impaired and read lips. Masks have been such a huge challenge to communication. This shield means I can finally feel comfortable interacting with people again.

I’ve always been hearing impaired and grew up with lip-reading so when the mandate came out for wearing masks, I was lost! I could not hear nor read their lips of those folks with masks on! I was so excited when I went to my audiology appointment and my doctor was wearing the Humanity Shield. It made it so I was able to communicate with folks again! What a game changer for me! Wish everyone had these! Thank you Rapid Response PPE!

This is so comfortable. I’m actually able to wear it for 10+ hours a day without any discomfort or need to readjust. What a great solution!