The IT field has always developed rapidly, however, it has gained great popularity all over the planet after the introduction of quarantine measures. A huge number of people realised that to have a demanding profession in which they can work remotely and earn a lot of money is the best option. This is the reason why IT accepts many candidates who want to work and receive high salaries. That’s why they wanted to influence the most promising directions. Subsequently, unique professions appeared in 2022, which will certainly seem attractive to you.

Best IT professions in 2022

  1. Web development. Today, in the field of web development, new interesting ideas appear. Information technology brings a number of innovative features to the user interface to facilitate customer experience. Therefore, companies need to update their websites more and more, and to do this, they implement each of the modern and relevant ideas so that humanity can continue to move in step with the times. Therefore, web developers do not worry about the relevance of the profession and can expect that they will always find a job.
  2. Mobile developer. If the developers of conventional PC software experience difficulties with employment, then in the field of mobile development, there is the opposite situation. Despite the fact that today, you can start an applications download for Android for all occasions, the need for programmers to create mobile programs increases every day. This is partly due to the fact that such applications help users to meet their diverse needs. For example, a program such as Apne TV allows users to watch video content exclusively in Hindi. Thus you can download a Necrophonic app free. It’s only task is to help users find and listen to mystical sounds. There are much more of those needs. That’s why developers will be in demand for other years. In addition, today, the business has begun to actively vocalise the field of mobile phones, and applications for commercial companies need constant support and development. That is why there are many opportunities for this kind of business.

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    Mobile developer
  3. Game-dev. Computer games have not lost popularity for many years and even decades. Moreover, different projects have equally high demand. Thus classic games for browsers or smartphones and games with cool graphics for PC and consoles have high popularity. You can rest assured that you will have no trouble finding a job in the field of Game-dev.
  4. Tester. There was an opinion that over the years, the profession of tester will become unnecessary. However, this opinion became completely wrong and came true in the opposite sense. Today, the tester is one of the most sought-after and well-paid professions in the world. It has a benefit for beginners, which is that they will be able to join the field of IT difficulties if they choose this particular profession. And then as we go along, it’s time to see what we do next.
  5. DevOps. This is a great profession, because now we all need to optimize and automate systems. Thus you can be sure that DevOps specialists will be in demand even many decades from now.
  6. White hackers. Issues of cyber security are getting more and more topical every day. Any sector of the digital economy needs relevant professionals to orient themselves there, who know how to find vulnerabilities, to eliminate them in a timely manner and save huge money. That’s why you don’t have to break the law to be a hacker and make good money at the same time.
  7. The database administrators. This is a very pleasant and uncomplicated profession, because it does not require a lot of knowledge for you to get a job. Moreover, such administrators received very high salaries. In addition, the necessity of the world in the field of SQL increases with each passing day.