Bitcoin is a public chain of blocks. There is a fact that all information in the network is fixed and can be accessed by others, and it is a problem of privacy for those users who prefer anonymity for their transactions. Bitcoin mixers are specifically designed for these people, and these programs are private third-party tools that help users maintain anonymity when making transactions in cryptocurrency.

There are two types of Bitcoin mixers: centralized and decentralized. The type of mixer that will be optimal for you depends on your requirements and preferences. We want to advise you to pay attention to such innovative mixing service as, which has a minimum market commission and provides anonymity for everyone.

Types of Bitcoin mixers

Centralized mixers have a different name, too, such as centralized switchers. A particular organization manages them, while a network of users manages decentralized mixers. Both types of programs have their advantages and disadvantages. Centralized mixers are easy to use and have more advantages than decentralized ones.

However, they are more vulnerable to hacking and censorship. Decentralized mixers are more resistant to hacker attacks and censorship, but it will be harder to use them. However, centralized and decentralized mixers can help you protect your privacy when using Bitcoins.


Benefits of using Bitcoin mixers

The main advantage of any crypto mixer is the increased privacy of a user’s transactions. However, some mixers have features that you should consider:

  • some crypto exchanges do not accept cryptocurrency that went through a mixing service;
  • such a platform has a small audience, but in some cases, it can restore the transaction chain.

The biggest drawback of using a Bitcoin switch is that you should trust your Bitcoin service provider in most cases. If the switch is unreliable, they can steal your Bitcoins without difficulty and never send them back. This is the reason why you should only use reputable software.

How Bitcoin mixers work

The mixers take your Bitcoins and mix them with other users’ Bitcoins in its pool, making it much more difficult to track the sender and recipient of Bitcoins. After that, the mixer will send you an equivalent amount of Bitcoins from its pool minus the maintenance fee. There are several different ways in which Bitcoin mixers perform their primary function: to increase users’ anonymity.

Some platforms will help you fix the number of stages to pass your coins before they are returned to you. The more steps, the more reliable, but it is also expensive. Another type of mixer will help you set a time delay before sending Bitcoins, which complicates tracking the coins’ sender too. Some switches have multiple pools that mix BTC, making tracking Bitcoins to any user even more challenging.

There is also an alternative to such programs. This is Zcash, Monero, and Litecoin with mode-switching features thanks to the MimbleWimble algorithm. Now you know what crypto mixers are. Thanks to this, you have several options to choose from, and you will be able to start keeping your Bitcoin transactions private without difficulty.