VR technologies become more popular and understandable every day. Today, you can purchase special equipment to go on a virtual adventure. VR devices will help you to transfer to another amazing world. To do this, you should learn how to use a virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality headset — how it’s used

VR devices affect the perception of the user. Such equipment transports him or her to a virtual world in which they can interact with items and creatures. Sometimes, users notice that they become dizzy or nauseous when they use this equipment. The reason for these unique symptoms is the brain’s response to new “environmental” factors. As a rule, such feelings disappear after the user ceases to use the equipment and finds himself in his familiar environment.

We advise you to use the headset in a special chair, on the sofa or on a stable chair that does not spin. Such a model as the HTC Vive is an exception to the rules. There is also software to work with which you should lie on your back. In your room, pets or children should not be. Also, you can remove items that you can touch accidentally, away.

You can use the headset in different ways, but this aspect depends on the individual model of it. Thus joining VR device to your computer will have several steps:

  • connection of the power supply cable to the appropriate connector;
  • the opposite end is inserted into the power supply network;
  • HDMI in a special connector on the communication module;
  • cable end in HDMI connector into computer graphics card;
  • USB cord in the corresponding connectors on the headset and PC;
  • cables VR device in connectors on communication module.

After that, you can activate the special app with which the user can get started. It often happens that the calibration of the image is necessary at the beginning of the process. You can do this through special software.

Virtual reality headset

Safety rules

The VR headset is not used with optical glasses. The gamer will experience unpleasant sensations in this case, so he or her will have to pause from time to time. That is why you should give up glasses or replace them with contact lenses in the process of immersion into virtual reality. We advise you to make sure that your equipment is properly put on your head, and the wires do not interfere with sudden movements, before launching of app. You can make the straps more tight if you have such a need. Backlashes will make your process uncomfortable, so you should eliminate them. All this will make your use of the virtual reality device more quality and enjoyable, and then, you will enjoy your favorite video games.

Before you start using this device, you are advised to check the location of the controls that will help you configure the focus and other settings. Before you start the action, you should sit quietly for a few minutes. This is a necessary condition for you to be able to make sure that your VR headset is fixed on your head securely and comfortably, and the picture itself does not cause you unpleasant feelings. If you have nausea, dizziness or symptoms of any malaise, you should stop using this equipment.

Such sensations may appear in a few minutes during the first game session. This is due to the perception of virtual reality by the human brain. After a while, if you still use your headset regularly, the unpleasant symptoms will visit you rarely or never. However, you should take a short break after each hour of the game session. Using a virtual reality headset will help you to get new vivid impressions. This modern technology is becoming more popular every year. However, you should keep yourself safe so that using a VR headset will only give you a positive experience.