At the moment, conventional sports are going through a rough patch, because the pandemic has made a difference. But if quarantine is a serious problem for ordinary sports disciplines, then for eSports, they are not serious. That is why events and championships in various cyber sports disciplines continue to be held without stopping. And the organisers adapted to the new conditions, save money on equipment that was used in the holding of tournaments and cost a lot. And if you analyse how much you pay the cyber athletes, a lot of people will be very surprised. For fresh blood in this field, you need to understand which game is best to start as the first one.

Best games for practice in ESports

After you decide to become a cyberathlete, you need to identify some factors and analyse the current situation in the world of games. For example, you should also remember that eSports is a huge universe that unites a variety of games. Also, you can easily understand the disciplines with which you should begin your ascent:

  1. For example, those gamers who are interested in new projects, capable of becoming mainstream, can look at Valorant. This first role play shooter is very similar to Overwatch in terms of its gameplay. But Overwatch is getting tired of everyone, while Valorant is just beginning its ascent. By the way, the first tournament will take place in 2022. If you want to start learning something very popular right away, you can look at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Probably there are no such gamers, who at least an hour did not play this iconic shooter. You will also find a huge number of CS:GO tournaments.
  2. If you are more attracted to MOBA games, you should look at the League of Legends. This game held a variety of competitions. Despite the fact that it has great competitors, you probably will succeed with great efforts. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then you can enter the world of DOTA 2. This game allows even without championships to check your skill set. To do this, the developers created and implemented a rating system. Once you reach high places in its ranking table, you can rest assured of your prospects. Also, you will be sure that the cool developers will immediately notice you and offer to participate in serious team tournaments, which have the same rewards as big money and simply a lot of emotions.
  3. Real-time strategy fans can look at the second part of Starcraft. Unlike the projects we reviewed, this game will require you not to be able to work in a team, but solo skill. Many users prefer this method of play, as they do not have to depend on the Copartists.

So we listed the most obvious options. If you decide to try and delve into this issue, we advise you to analyse other interesting games that will help you to become successful participants in the field of eSports.


Plan of action

Once you have selected your game, you can start training. The specifics of their conduct depends on the discipline you choose for you as the most optimal, but you will be able to develop in several directions too. So here are a few steps you need to take:

  1. Study the theory. Every professional player spends a lot of time studying the details of a particular project. He doesn’t act at random, and what’s more, he knows exactly what he needs to do in a minute and a half an hour. Also, you should learn features of the engine, as well as the physical model of the characters or the flight of bullets.
  2. This is a simple paragraph that you just need to take for granted. So in order to play well, you need to spend a lot of time in battles, and with stronger opponents. It’s the only way you can improve and prepare.
  3. Learning of other matches. Necessarily, there is such a factor as the play process of other professional athletes. You will be able to copy some of the game’s methods and use them. Do not worry, it is not rude and will even allow you to shorten the time you would have spent alone.

eSports is developing in all directions. So, once, battles occurred mainly on PC, and a little less often on consoles. Today, many competitions are available even for users of smartphones and tablets. What’s more, we can advise you to start some android apk downloads that will help you check out which games became the best and most popular today.