Return & Exchange Policy


The following refund policy is governed by the laws of the state of Alaska. The state of Alaska states: There is no right to cancel contracts or purchase agreements. Whether you can receive a refund is dependent on the retailer’s return and refund policies. The following policies reflect the laws of the state of Alaska and all purchases made on the Rapid Response PPE website. By purchasing on the Rapid Response PPE website, you agree that you understand these laws and will abide to them during and after purchase.

Order Cancellation Policy:
All orders, which are canceled by the customer, will incur a 30% warehouse and vendor re-stocking fee per item returned. If the customer calls to cancel an order, but your goods are already in transit with the shipping provider, then a re-stocking fee will apply. This is necessary because the item has already been manufactured, packed, shipped, and has left the warehouse on a shipping vehicle.

Damaged Merchandise Return Policy:
When you receive Rapid Response PPE merchandise from the shipping company, please examine it carefully. If you receive a damaged box, examine the contents immediately and refuse delivery if the merchandise is damaged. If, after accepting/signing for a product, you discover damaged merchandise, please report the damage within 24 hours and initiate the return authorization request to Failure to report shipping damages within 24-hours of product delivery may result in Rapid Response PPE not being able to replace, return, or refund your damaged goods.

When damage is reported promptly, a product replacement will be sent out with no additional charges. You will normally be instructed to return the damaged product to the manufacturer at the manufacturer’s expense. Please take photos and document your products’ shipping damage, as this will allow Rapid Response PPE to file an insurance claim with the shipping provider to initiate the reimbursement for your damaged item.

​Non-Damaged Merchandise Return & Replacement Policy:
Due to the nature and use of personal protections products and the safety of our customers, returns that are opened will not be accepted. We cannot resell products used for personal protection. Once you have placed an order and purchased a product we cannot ensure that you did not use it, tamper with the product, or cause any other malfunction or defect to the product. Because these products are for personal safety, refunds cannot be made or given for purchases. Please ensure that you want to purchase our product before payment.

Replacements are only given when product is damaged during the shipping process or a malfunction that we can identify was caused by us, the shipping company, and not by the customer. All other replacements will not be accepted due to the nature and safety of personal protection gear.

If you are unsatisfied with the style, design, and look of the product, there will be no refund or replacement. We give clear pictures of our products and you are responsible for the choice you make when choosing a design and style before order is completed. We are not responsible for your personal choice or preferences and give you all representatives of our products as is.

Claims to not liking, supporting, or not wanting materials or products from certain countries does not satisfy our terms for refunds. Rapid Response PPE does not adopt such claims about certain countries, nor the claims of political parties or groups, so we do not accept such claims for reason to refund, replace, or return. We believe in people working together and helping each other. Thus, refunds, returns, or replacements will not be accepted for any reason in reference to a certain disliking of a country, region, city, town, village, race, group, religion, or any political group.

Occasionally, a manufacturer will make minor changes to a product shown online at; Rapid Response PPE is not responsible for manufacturing / manufacturer design changes that may occur with a product. Rapid Response PPE is not responsible for slightly variations in color that may exist in certain products as each web-browser is unique and will display colors on the spectrum with a slight degree of uniqueness.

Non-Refundable Outbound Shipping Charges:
All outbound shipping and freight charges on all Rapid Response PPE products, packages, shipments, and purchases are non-refundable. ​

Non-Damaged Merchandise Replacement Policy:
Due to the nature and use of personal protections products and the safety of our customers, returns that are opened, unsealed, punctured, torn, ripped, or altered in any way, shape, or form from the original packaging will not be accepted for return or exchange. To initiate return of an unopened product, please email All unopened returns must be received by Rapid Response PPE within 30 days of delivery. Use of products before requesting a replacement will not be accepted for return or replacement. We cannot resell products opened, unsealed, or used for personal protection. Reselling of personal protection gear is unsanitary and for those reasons we cannot accept any used products or products that have been removed or altered from the packaging.

Exchange Policy:
Rapid Response PPE does not accept products for exchange due to the nature of personal protection products. At no time will we accept an exchange of products or goods at sale prices after you have completed your purchase at normal retail price.

Package and Parcel Delivery Refusal Policy:
After placing the Rapid Response PPE order, if the customer refuses delivery of a package or if the package is returned as undeliverable to the delivery address the customer provided, then the customer will be responsible for refusal shipping charges, return shipping charges, and product restocking fees of up to 50%. Please ensure that you understand how the ordered item(s) will be delivered and make arrangements to receive the order when it arrives at the ship to address that is provided with the Rapid Response PPE order. This policy applies to all Rapid Response PPE orders and is applicable to all deliveries.