About the Humanity Shield™

The Humanity Shield™ is much more than just a face shield. It’s one of a kind design combines the respiratory droplet control of a mask and the visibility of a face shield.

The Humanity Shield™ is composed of four distinct components: a clear plastic PETG shield, UVA foam, Velcro strapping, and a cloth barrier surrounding the sides and bottom of the shield. These components make the Humanity Shield™ a lightweight product that curves around the face and provides peripheral visibility and protection that reaches ear to ear, as well as under the chin.

The clear plastic PETG shield offers superior durability, flexibility, and structural integrity that easily surpasses laminated glass and acrylic alternatives. This product is UV stabilized and has a heat deflection temperature of 270°F. It will not break like glass and is easily cleanable.

The headband portion of our shield ensures wearer comfort. The foam portion that contours to the front of the wearers’ head is made from a closed-cell foam often used for medical applications. This allows the Humanity Shield™ the ability to sit away from the face, which makes breathing easy. This also allows room for glasses, and keeps the shield from making contact with the wearer’s face. Velcro was intentionally used as it allows the shield to maintain a comfortable fit without slipping throughout its use, and it will not stretch out after repeated use. This also allows the shield to be adjustable to all head sizes.

The cloth barrier is made from a 3.2 ounce spun-bonded nylon cloth that is sewn onto the perimeter of the shield. The cloth is lightweight, strong, breathable, and washable. Not only does the barrier help prevent wearers from touching their face, but it provides extra coverage beyond the clear portion of the shield preventing respiratory droplets from traveling into the air.

We value your trust in our company and our products. All of our products are put through our Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Chamber (UVGIC) prior to shipping. Safety is of the utmost importance to us, as we know it is to you. Our shields are handmade in our sanitized facility in Juneau, Alaska, USA. Everyone in our production facility is required to wear proper PPE, sanitize workstations and follow all recommended health mandates from both our State and Federal governments.

The Humanity Shieldis a patent pending design and technology owned by Rapid Response PPE, LLC in Juneau, Alaska, USA.